UEM, a Toshiba Group company, Wins Rs. 220 crore DBO Contract for Wastewater Treatment and Recycle Facility in Oman

NEW DELHI: — UEM India Private Limited (UEM), a water services company of Toshiba Group in India, today announced winning a major design builds and operate (DBO) contract for a wastewater treatment and recycling plant in Oman. The contract was awarded by Majis Industrial Services SAOC (MISC), an Omani-government owned corporation and provider of water utility services at Sohar Industrial Port Area, one of the world’s largest ports, and covers DBO of Central Effluent Treatment and Recycle Project 1 Phase 2 in the port area. The value of the contract is about Rs.220 crore (approx. OMR12.3 million).

UEM provides customers with competitive DBO solutions and fully integrated engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) for wastewater treatment and recycling. The company has already demonstrated its capabilities at Sohar with Central Effluent Treatment and Recycle Project 1 Phase 1. The company received the order for this facility, now under construction, and is deploying high level purifying treatment technology and facilities utilizing an ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane and ion-exchange resin filtration system, all used in water treatment facilities in Japan. UEM will also operate and maintain the facility for the first 10 years of operation.

Mr. Koichi Matsui, Chairperson and Managing Director, UEM said, “I am sure that MISC’s choice of UEM for Phase 2 reflects our accomplishments in Oman and our capabilities in integrating engineering. Toshiba’s acquisition of UEM last September has been good for both companies, as it has enhanced cooperation and sharing of technologies and know-how. We will contribute to Oman’s industrial growth through the Sohar project and positively seek participation in future projects.”

MISC was established in 2006 to provide water services for Sohar Industrial Port Area, 240km north-west of Muscat, Oman’s capital. Sohar, home to one of the world’s largest deep water ports, is strategically located near the Straits of Hormuz, and its special economic free zone has grown to become a major industrial cluster. Infrastructure facilities supporting Sohar have seen multiple expansions, and more water treatment projects are anticipated. UEM has continually supported Sohar’s development with essential infrastructure, and the new project is its fourth for concentrated wastewater treatment facilities.

Project Outline:

1. Plant

Central Effluent Treatment and Recycle Project 1 Phase 2 at Sohar, Oman

2. Client

Majis Industrial Services SAOC, Oman

3. Scope

・EPC for wastewater treatment facility(10,000m3/d)and wastewater
  recycle treatment apparatus

・Operation and maintenance for 10 years

4.Start of operation

Scheduled for March 2018