UEM completes installation of state-of-the-art water treatment plant for Isuzu Motors India’s factory in Andhra Pradesh

– Zero Liquid Discharge System to Maximize Wastewater Reuse and Eliminate Liquid Waste –

UEM, a water services company of Toshiba Group in India, today announced completion of the installation of water treatment plant incorporating ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) systems for the factory, commissioned by Isuzu Motors India Private Limited (hereinafter called “IMI”) in Andhra Pradesh State. The water treatment plant was successfully tested and is operational from June onwards.

Commenting on this installation for IMI, Mr. Koichi Matsui, Chairperson and Managing Director, UEM said, “This is our first ZLD project for a Japanese company operating in India, resulting from the synergy between UEM and Toshiba. We are very honored to contribute to Isuzu Motors India’s environment-conscious efforts through our water treatment plant. With the becoming serious water pollution in India, the industrial effluent regulation has been tightened for reuse/recycle of discharged water, effective use and improvement of water resource. UEM will continue to contribute to water environmental protection in each region through our best solution with optimized LCC (Life Cycle Cost) to our customers and FOR THE NEXT INDIA.”

With a capacity of treating 216m3 wastewater in a day, UEM designed a custom-built water treatment plant based on IMI’s specifications to treat the discharged water from the painting process in the automobile factory and provide pure water for reuse in other production processes. Being environmentally conscious and socially responsible corporate citizens, UEM and IMI agreed to implement a ZLD System for the plant that discharges zero wastewater outside the factory, by evaporating the rejected water from RO (Reverse Osmosis) treatment system. UEM will also operate and maintain the plant for the first year of operation.

The equipment installed at wastewater treatment plant in IMI factory is based on MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) technology that not only simplifies the effluent processing, but being compact in size, also saves precious real-estate for the plant. For the equipment used in water recycling and ZLD, UEM adopted a patented “HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) technology”, which the Company has a right to use in India.

The HERO™ technology is proven to usually improve the rate of recyclable water treated in RO System from 80% to 95% in typical case. Owing to this technology, the amount of rejected water can be reduced to quarter and the fuel cost for evaporating process also can be saved. In the process of generating pure water, highly pure water for reuse in the painting process is generated though Mixed Bed Ion Exchange System.