Conventional Activated Sludge

UEM has installed more than 70 high efficiency aerobic activated sludge systems. These systems incorporate fine bubble diffusers for aeration and most are designed with a removable headers concept. All of our systems have been able to produce treated water with very low organic pollutant (BOD, COD, etc.) concentrations, well within what is required to meet the client’s discharge specifications. Many of these installations have been designed as extended aeration systems.

Extended aeration is a type of activated sludge process with long aerobic detention time to generate overall less excess sludge and no primary settling. These systems are designed for a low F:M ratio (0.1 kg BOD/kg MLSS-day) and a high SRT (20 – 30 days). Extended aeration process has many benefits, including easy operation, better at handling organic loading and flow fluctuations, odour free systems and relatively low sludge yield.

These systems have been successfully installed by UEM for various municipalities and industries such as distilleries, breweries, yeast, pharmaceuticals, textiles, soft drinks, food, petrochemicals, chemicals, paper, etc.