Sequencing Batch Reactors

A sequencing batch reactor is an activated sludge type wastewater treatment system in which different treatment operations are carried out in one vessel. This differs from conventional wastewater treatment where the wastewater flows from one vessel to another, each vessel performing a specific treatment operation. Different environments are created in the SBR by controlling process equipment such as air blowers for diffusers, pumps and decanters during a cycle. The process is controlled and coordinated by a programmable logic controller (PLC).
UEM has designed and installed a SBR system followed by UF/RO for Elementis Specialties Inc., West Virginia, USA. Generally, the wastewater is first treated in biological treatment systems and then passed through the UF/RO stages to make it suitable for recycle / reuse applications. These systems have a very large potential market considering the scarcity of fresh water and problems associated with disposal of untreated water. UEM has also successfully installed SBR technology at Indorama Petrochem, Thailand. Here the PTA wastewater has high and difficult to biodegrade constituents. UEM proposed the technology of anaerobic followed by aerobic treatment system (SBR) to treat the waste water upto the levels suitable discharge.