Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

UEM has provided Recycle / Reuse solutions to many of its reputed clients. These include a MBR System (Membrane Bio-Reactor) followed by UF/RO for a Minute Maid project for Coca Cola Plant in Florida. UEM was selected by Delhi Jal Board to build the sewage treatment plant of 1 MGD capacity for the Common Wealth Games Village, based on MBR technology. This plant is the largest sewage MBR in India, where the wastewater coming from Common Wealth Games Village and the neighboring Akshardham temple is being treated. Other than this, MBR has been installed for treating hotel sewage at Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, tanneries etc.

For the treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewater, the use of membrane bioreactors has expanded significantly over the years. This technology serves our clients, that need effluent of consistent quality with low BOD and Total suspended solids (TSS) for reuse and discharge, for sites where space is limited, for sites where there is a need to increase the capacity of an existing system, or to reduce operating requirements. The advantages of using membrane bioreactor tanks include reduced fouling, reduced cleaning cycles, and gravity operation capability.

The MBR replaces secondary clarification in a conventional wastewater treatment plant. MBRs separate biologically treated effluent from the mixed liquor utilizing membranes to perform the separation. Typical MLSS concentrations in MBR systems are 10,000 mg/l to 12,000 mg/l. The MBR filtrate can be directly treated by RO without any need for additional pretreatment. The system is very simple to operate, with a minimum of pumps and controls and low requirements for operator attention.