Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis process is used to produce high – quality demineralised water, suitable for use as process water, cooling water make-up, and boiler feed water. especially where the client looks to minimize the use of chemicals which are used as regenerants associated with the most conventional demineralised ion exchange process. Reverse osmosis is a simple process. The minimal use of chemicals makes it environmentally desirable with lower operational and maintenance costs.

UEM has designed and installed a large brackish water RO and DM plant for the National Oil Refinery in the Gulf region. This river surface water treatment plant is designed to treat 3,500 ppm TDS and 300 ppm TSS and is a fully automatic desalination plant consisting of pre-treatment steps, an RO system, and mixed bed de-ionisation systems. The plant has been operating successfully since start-up by UEM. UEM has also successfully completed a number of smaller scale desalination projects along with wastewater recycle-reuse projects utilizing RO treatment.